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David Watkins

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award winning design
Small House Plans

Homes with the most Constraints (including Budget Constraints) are the Homes with the most Opportunity for Authentic, Quality Home Design

Who We Are

David Watkins built houses with his uncle in California and Colorado. After years of building, David began drawing the houses that he and his uncle would build together.

David went on to work under Ed Chamberlian at Chamberlian Architects and later David Waugh at Waugh and Associates (both in Colorado). While he worked for Waugh and Associates, David attended the Art Institute of Colorado where he studied Interior Design.

After gaining years of experience both as a builder in the field and as a designer in Architectural firms, David opened his first design firm in 2005 after graduation.

David has since designed hundreds of homes. Over the years, David learned a great deal and has developed his own set of principles about Small Home Design. Click here for more about how to choose a floor plan for a new house.

The standards David holds himself to are high. The few homes that enter into local parades tend to win awards. David loves drawing houses and loves meeting new clients. He remains friends with many of his clients to this day.

Nino Gogichaishvili is an invaluable member of our team. Her tallent accross a number of programs enable us to offer 3D Renderings, and house plans you can modify. She is friendly, helpful and tallented.

Nastya is an invaluable member of our team who keeps us on track and on time.

Small house plans

Award Winning Design

David has Designed Hundreds of Homes and poured everything he’s learned into the Homes listed here.
Featured here are the Top Homes that David Has ever Designed – This is Our best work

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House Plans You Can Modify

  • Add or Subtract Bathrooms and Garage bays as needed
  • Scale the house up or scale it down as needed – (sq. ft. doesn’t matter yet)
  • Mirror (Flip) the house
  • Change Roof Slope to meet HOA Guidelines
  • Change Siding to meet HOA Guidelines
  • And More…

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