Energy efficient house plans

Can a house be engery efficient and affordable to build?

Yes Energy Efficiency and Value Engeneering have a lot in common. When windows are sized and placed with an eye for efficiency, home owners save money on construction costs. Also, when the floor plan is shaped to be energy efficient, home owners save money on construction costs. all of the house plans on this website are energy efficient floor plans and they are all value engineered. Read below to find out how.

Windows that work

Think of windows as holes in your insulation.

  1. Window Sizes Window Sizes need to strike the right ballance between comfort and energy eficiency. Each House Plan on this website has been carefully sellected to be just the right size.
  2. Window Placement The right amount of sun in the right places at the right times. When windows
    are selected with an eye on efficiency, they need to be placed with care.
  3. Commercial Windows on the Interior Commercial windows look stunning. For energy efficient
    houses, I prefer to place them inside. Imagine a glass wall between Home Office and Entry. See bellow.

Eco Friendly Floor Plans

The ratio of exterior wall to interior sq. ft. determines constrction costs and energy efficiency.

  1. Exterior walls are expensive More linear ft of exterior walls = more concrete,
    more siding, more insulation… It all adds up. Exterior walls also transfer heat and cold. All of the floor
    plans on this site are designed to have the right ballance between curb-appeal and eficiency.

Insulation values and appliance ratings
are specified by your local code

Because different regions have different climates, there is no one right combination of insulation and air conditioning that will be universal. Local building departments will have set standards for energy efficiency in your region. Our Small House Plans don’t include these specifications for that reason. However, we can add include this information in the floor plans upon request.

House Plans You Can Modify

  • Add or Subtract Bathrooms and Garage bays as needed
  • Scale the house up or scale it down as needed – (sq. ft. doesn’t matter yet)
  • Mirror (Flip) the house
  • Change Roof Slope to meet HOA Guidelines
  • Change Siding to meet HOA Guidelines
  • And More…

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