how to choose a floor plan for a new house

At first we shape our homes - And then our homes shape us

high standards

Storage is placed away from exterior walls so that it doesn’t block any opportunity for sunlight.

Short Halls are effecient and keep the house brighter.

Home is designed for how we live: Imagine walking from your Master Closet straight into the Laundry.

Place the Sunlight

Imagine that soothing, sun-dappled shade inviting you to enjoy your back patio. Imagine your front steps and driveway are effortlessly ice-free in the winter (thank you sunshine). Imagine sun-light adorning your kitchen’s best features. It’s these little things in life – like enjoying the morning sunlight as it sparkles in the steam rolling off your morning coffee – that bring joy and comfort to your home.

Now let’s make sure the sun is NOT where you DON’T want it
Remember fighting that afternoon glare on your TV screen? How about fighting the sun as it overheats your home… or bleaches your hard-wood floors.

It’s all about the Luminaries
Don’t buy Floor Plans so poorly designed that the inside of your new home never gets enough light to brighten your day. This is the Top Home Design Mistake I See. Instead, chose a home with the right volume of sunlight in the right places at the right times.

good design

“Whether it’s the fragrance of your favorite meal or the sound of a screen-door swooshing to a soft close, it’s the little things that make a house feel like home…

Enchanting us quietly in the background, it’s good design that fosters that feeling”

David Watkins

even the smallest homes have a lot to be proud of

Uppon entry, each home unfolds like a story. the best stories are told in simple language.

big budgets aren’t needed for good design.

I’ve Designed Hundreds of Homes and poured everything I’ve learned into the Homes listed here.
Featured here are the Top Homes that I’ve ever Designed – my best work.

I Hope You’ll Find Something You’ll Love

House Plans You Can Modify

  • Add or Subtract Bathrooms and Garage bays as needed
  • Scale the house up or scale it down as needed – (sq. ft. doesn’t matter yet)
  • Mirror (Flip) the house
  • Change Roof Slope to meet HOA Guidelines
  • Change Siding to meet HOA Guidelines
  • And More…

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